RankPay Review 2017

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RankPay Review 2017: Pay for Performance SEO

RankPay Review 2017 - Pay for Performance SEORankPay awarded Editors Choice for 2017.

Welcome to our in-depth RankPay Review. Above you will find several tabs that review all the different SEO services provided by RankPay, please click these to learn more about each specific service.

RankPay, a San Diego SEO Company, was founded in 2006 by Shawn Bishop, a serial entrepreneur who also founded Playerline™ & other similar tech startups.

Apart from becoming one of the first companies of it’s kind to offer Pay for Performance SEO services to businesses across the globe, their unique payment model has allowed them to grow to over 2000 clients and accumulate thousands of partners.

On their website, they claim that 91% of websites they work on, rank on the first page in Google when using social media, over 3100 keywords they work on for clients are on the first page in Google & it takes an average of just 45 days to see a positive improvement in rankings across Google, Yahoo & Bing.

I’m sure you will agree that the biggest difference between RankPay and any other SEO provider, whether this be a freelance SEO expert or an SEO agency, instead of paying fee’s upfront, with no guarantee of results, you can first see the results happening before your eyes, before you invest a single cent.

I believe this to be the hook that makes this company so popular & successful. Who would not want to pay $0, but have a professional team of SEO experts working on their website to improve rankings across the major search engines. The only time you spend anything, is if you are ranking in certain positions.

This would mean it’s in RankPay’s best interests to ensure they gain you higher rankings, and keep you there, otherwise, they will not be paid at all. I know this sounds odd, maybe you feel skeptical about the whole thing, but that’s how this deal works.

So if you want to join thousands of other website owners (including me) and start increasing your search engine rankings for valuable keywords related to your products or services, before you invest a single red cent on SEO services, then RankPay is the golden goose you’ve been searching for!

I hope my RankPay Review has been useful in your research into this service. If you decide to try RankPay for yourself, please come back here and share your opinion with our community in the comments section below. This will help us become even more useful for future readers of this review.

Have you used RankPay in 2017? What do you think? Are you willing to share your opinion with our community? Please use the comment section below to submit your own personal RankPay review, so our readers can benefit from your experience with this pay for performance SEO service. We will publish all reviews, whether it’s good, bad or ugly!

RankPay Signup Process Review 2017

RankPay Signup Process Review 2017Another great thing about RankPay is the fact it’s so simple to signup, all you need to do is a little keyword research on the best to target. Heck, if you contact RankPay first and ask them which would be best, based on the content of your target URL, they will help you out too.

Here’s an overview of the signup process:

Step 1: Enter Your Target URL

This will be the web address of the page you want to rank in the major search engines. This can be your homepage, or an inner page that is optimized for your target keywords. The screenshot shows an example of an inner page of Webmaster Warriors. Once entered, you can then click the “Sign Up Free” button to continue.

RankPay Review 2017 - Signup Process Step 1

Step 2: Enter Your Target Keyword

Now you can enter the target keyword you want to rank for & click go. Make sure you check that the target page is correct in the top right of the box, as I noticed it changes to the homepage of your website as default, if you enter an inner page, so you may need to enter the inner page URL again.

If you are unsure of what to enter here, then the chances are, you will need further advice from RankPay before you get started. Just contact them, show them your web address and explain what services you offer, they will then help you move forward.

RankPay Review 2017 - Signup Process Step 2

Step 3: Assess Ranking Opportunity

When you click “GO” on the previous step, RankPay will then use it’s technology to determine your existing rankings for that keyword & the ranking opportunity of the keyword you entered. With this been a data driven SEO campaign, this provider is very accurate to determine which keywords are best to target.

You should avoid adding keywords that have an Average recommendation, as this means their data shows the competition for that specific keyword is far too high. The keywords that have a Good or Excellent recommendation are the best keywords to add into your campaign, as the data shows there is an opportunity to compete with the top 10 competitors who currently rank.

RankPay may also display other recommended keywords below, which you can also add on to your campaign, if you wish. Once you are pleased with the keywords and have added any further keywords, you can click on the “View Pricing” button to continue.

RankPay Review 2017 - Signup Process Step 3

Step 4: Submit for Approval

Now it’s time to submit your selected keywords for approval. The technology used by RankPay will also determine the pricing structure for each keyword. I go more into detail regarding the pricing, from the tabs above this article.

After reviewing the payment details, entering your billing details & accepting the terms of service, you can then click the “submit selected keywords for approval” button. The team will then review your submission and contact you accordingly with the online reporting login details, so you can track the progress of your campaign.

RankPay Review 2017 - Signup Process Step 4

RankPay also followup with any recommendations based on your website content and keyword selection, so you must make the changes requested, otherwise the campaign may not start due to on-page SEO issues.

RankPay Pricing Structure Review 2017

RankPay Pricing Structure Review 2017If your website is not ranking at all, then you can start an SEO campaign with RankPay right now & won’t have to pay a penny until your website is ranking on the 3rd page in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The pricing structure is very clear on their website, the pricing is shown upfront and is locked in at that fee, once added to your account.

The pricing structure is broken down into 6 tiers, and each level is a different fee. If your website is not ranking in the top 30, then your monthly fee is $0.

As your rankings continue to increase, the fee will increase accordingly as shown in the screenshot below.

RankPay Pricing Structure Review 2017 - SCREENSHOT

You will only ever pay a fee, if your website is ranking within a certain position within Google, Yahoo & Bing (3rd page or better). You cannot choose to just rank in Google or one particular search engine, neither can you only pay if your website is ranked on the first page.

An active credit card is required to be on file at all times, as payments are taken on the 1st of each month, if your website is ranking higher than 31st (or on the 4th page of search results).

If your website is already ranking on the 3rd page or better, then charges will start to apply when your ranking has increased by at least 1 position. So again, you only pay if you see an increase in rankings.

Once your website hits the top 10 rankings, you also have the option of activating their maintenance program, which aims to maintain current rankings at a 50% discount on the original monthly fees. I would only recommend this is you are at least ranking in the top 3 positions.

RankPay Blog Management Service Review 2017

RankPay Blog Management Service Review 2017In my own personal opinion, every website owner should integrate a blog. If not, you are missing out on additional search engine rankings that develop with every new post, along with an increased amount of links from relevant websites that will start to link back to you.

Sharing tips, tricks, news or reviews on a weekly or monthly basis, will not only give your followers extra value, but keep the search engines coming back for fresh content, which will be indexed. It’s been proven that websites updated on a regular basis, rank far better in the search engines, generate more targeted traffic & business leads, than the websites that don’t.

Not convinced? Here’s a few stats:

  • B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not. (Source: Huffington Post)
  • Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI. (Source: HubSpot)
  • Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information. (Source: Search Engine People)

To offer additional value to their clients, that compliment their Pay for Performance SEO services, RankPay offer a blog management service, so you can put your blogging on complete auto-pilot. You don’t have to worry about the content creation, optimization or distribution, as RankPay will take care of everything.

On their website you will find 3 blog management packages, Starter, Pro & Enterprise. Pricing ranges from $149/month for the starter package, up to $499/month for the Enterprise package. To be honest, this is not the most affordable pricing, but as with anything you outsource, the more you pay, the better quality you get.

If you go for the enterprise package, you will receive a dedicated account manager, 4 x 800 word blog posts per month (from professional US writers & fully SEO optimized) published on your website, promotion across social media, extended RSS distribution, tailored calls-to-action, WordPress maintenance, press release distribution, unique social promotions & content syndication.

Most business owners don’t have the time to manage their business and website marketing together, so there is definitely some crazy value there, if you want to free up your own time & have that kind of marketing budget available. Blog management running alongside a Pay for Performance SEO campaign is a powerful combo!

RankPay Social Media Management Review 2017

RankPay Social Media Management Review 2017Social media should also be an important aspect of your overall SEO & online marketing strategy, as it’s not only been proven to have a positive impact on your search engine rankings, but gives you the opportunity to engage with your target audience directly, on a more personal level.

When you update your blog, you can share this post on your social networks & the more engagement you attract, the better chances you have at gaining higher search rankings, traffic and leads. Social signals such as likes, retweets, +1’s & other sharing facilities help you reach a bigger audience, as well as boosting the popularity and authority of your website.

By updating your social networks on a regular basis, you can offer ongoing value to your existing customers for free & consistently grow the amount of followers for each network ongoing. The more your followers grow, the bigger your reach will be for each update you make.

Still not convinced? Here’s a few facts:

  • Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.
  • 80% of US social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook.
  • Businesses that say Facebook is critical or important to their business has increased by 75%.

(Source: State of Inbound Marketing)

Again, RankPay have created another service that perfectly compliments the other two already discussed. From as little as $99/month, RankPay will provide professional social media management services, so you can take advantage of it’s benefits, without having to do all the work.

In fact, if you sign up for their Pay for Performance SEO services which start from $0/month, RankPay will manage your social media FREE, for the first 30 days & you can cancel anytime. So if you want to see results before you pay, why not try everything for free today (I must be a poet!).

There are 3 social media management packages on their website, Starter, Pro & Enterprise. Pricing ranges from $99/month for the starter package, up to $299/month for the Enterprise package. The package best for you would ultimately depend on your budget and how far you want to take your social media marketing. In my opinion, you should start small, track results and then scale it out.

For the full kahuna at $299/month (Enterprise Package), you will receive social profile review, post timing optimization, SEO/Social coordination, integrated #hashtag strategy, relevant content marketing, authoritative 3rd party links, advanced set-up, call-to-action posts, extended distribution, profile set-up, community management, message forwarding & audience boost.

As you can see from the features, there is a lot of value on offer & is ideal for business owners who want to take their online marketing and SEO campaign to the next level, with an available budget to outsource the logistics of implementation.

RankPay also say that 91% of websites ranking on page #1 of search engines, use social media to boost SEO. Team social media management with blog management & pay for results SEO, for an unstoppable online marketing campaign!

PPC vs SEO: Which offers the best ROI?

PPC vs SEO: Which offers the best ROI?Smart business owners know that if they own a website, the only way it will generate any results online, is if people can actually find the website online, when searching specific keywords in the major search engines.

Here is two of my favorite ways in which you can achieve this: The first of which is known as Pay Per Click, which is an advertising service provided by search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing, that place your ads above normal search results. You pay for every click they send to your website.

Pay Per Cick can become extremely expensive, very quickly. If you do this wrong, it will chew you up, spit you out, munch your ROI and leave you crying in the corner, begging for mercy. Take my advice, pay a reputable pay per click management company to implement this for you, otherwise you will lose your shirt for sure!

When Pay Per Click is done well, it can provide a massive ROI, much faster than what SEO can provide you, but this would ultimately depend on the value ladder within your business. Those that can spend the most to acquire a customer, will always win when it comes to paid advertising.

SEO is a process of gaining high first page rankings in the major search engines, without having to pay for every click. This is otherwise known as ranking within the organic search listings. No matter how many clicks you get, you will never have to pay for the search engines for any clicks you attain, although you will need to implement a link building campaign to achieve the rankings.

I must admit, in my own experience, the best ROI I have ever seen, came from organic search engine traffic (especially from Google), which is the direct result of an SEO campaign done well. Maybe people trust the websites that are listed in the organic results more than they do paid ads, who knows? I know I do.

A successful SEO campaign involves many moving parts, first of which involves optimising your websites content for the keywords you want to rank for, otherwise known as on-page SEO. Secondly, you need high quality backlinks from websites that already have authority within the search engines, which is known as off-page SEO.

That’s where RankPay comes in. Not only do they walk you through the on-page SEO process, so your website is prepared for the campaign, but every single day, the team at RankPay will take care of the link building, by slowing creating quality links back to your website, from a diverse range of platforms.

I will be honest with you, SEO is a science (that I don’t claim to fully understand myself), and although it’s highly un-predictable, RankPay have proven to deliver results on a consistent basis, not only for me, but for thousands of other business owners & they can do the same for you.

I remember when my websites first hit the top rankings in Google, I could not believe the difference it makes. When you go from making 1 – 5 sales per day, to making 20 – 30 sales per day, it’s like discovering an oil field on a piece of land you own. I literally nearly fell off my office chair, backwards, while drinking a cuppa tea!

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