HostPapa Review 2017

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HostPapa Web Hosting Review 2017

HostPapa Web Hosting Review 2017HostPapa awarded #1 Green Hosting for 2017.

Welcome to our in-depth HostPapa Review for 2017. Above you will find several tabs that review all the different web hosting services provided by HostPapa, please click these to learn more about each specific service.

HostPapa is a privately owned, award winning company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada & was founded in 2006 by current CEO, Jamie Opalchuk.

On their company website, you have access to a wide range of 100% green shared, VPS & reseller hosting services, along with a range of additional services such as eShops, SSL certificates, SiteLock, Google Apps, mobile websites & more.

This company has built a solid reputation over the years for providing reliable, affordable & feature rich web hosting services for small and medium sized business owners who want to take advantage of the web to build their businesses online.

With the entire globe focused on global warming and the effect profitable business has on the environment, it was a smart move for HostPapa to be among the first popular web hosting providers to publicly share their commitment to going green, with all their operations powered by 100% green energy, which helped them stand out in their competitive market.

Massive growth of their company was recognized in 2014 by PROFITguide, who awarded them a ranking of #251 in Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies on the PROFIT 500 list, due to revenue growth from 2008 to 2013, clearly showing the increasing popularity of their green web hosting solutions for SMB’s, in which they now host more than 500,000 websites.

As a leader in this space, the company aims to launch new & innovative web solutions on a consistent basis, to provide their new & existing customers with the best on-going experience, along with top class customer support to back up their reputation & cement their place as one of the best web hosting providers that the internet has to offer.

“Let Papa take care of you” is a term coined by the company to establish their commitment to treating each customer like family, even though their growth has surpassed other similar hosting providers, their focus on support has never changed. With phone numbers listed on their website in 18 different countries, there is always someone to talk to, no matter where you are based.

Have you used HostPapa in 2017? What do you think? Are you willing to share your opinion with our community? Please use the comment section below to submit your own personal HostPapa review, so our readers can benefit from your experience with this web hosting provider. We will publish all reviews, whether it’s good, bad or ugly!

HostPapa Green Web Hosting Review 2017

HostPapa Green Web Hosting Review 2017HostPapa awarded #1 Green Hosting for 2017.

The power used in offices & data centers run by large web hosting companies such as HostPapa can be quite immense, so it makes sense that companies of such size should take action to offset the damage caused to the environment by investing in renewable energy sources which feed clean energy back into the grid.

HostPapa take pride in offering reliable support and hosting solutions, but are equally committed to the use and development of solar & wind energy sources by purchasing green energy certificates from a variety of certified providers, that offset 100% of energy used to power their offices and data centers by pumping the equivalent clean energy back into the power grid. This reduces their carbon footprint & helps them support initiatives related to renewable energy.

With the internet never switching off, servers are required to run 24/7/365, which means the electricity requirements can soon stack up, although HostPapa believes that they should not have to burden the environment to deliver their services, which is why this company became one of the first to show their commitment to utilizing green energy & has become a leader in the green web hosting market.

Here is a selection of certified solar & wind energy sources that HostPapa utilize to deliver their services:

  • Condon Wind Facility (Gilliam County, OR)
  • Foote Creek Wind Facility (Carbon County, WY)
  • Klondike Wind Facility (Sherman County, OR)
  • Northwest Small Wind Co-op (WA, MT)
  • Northwest Solar Co-op (OR, WA)
  • Portland Brewery Blocks (Portland, OR)
  • Solar Ashland (Ashland, OR)
  • Stateline Wind Facility (Walla Walla County, WA & Umatilla County, OR)
  • Summerview Wind Facility (Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada)
  • Tillamook Animal Waste to Energy (Tillamook, OR)
  • Washington State School for the Blind (Vancouver, WA)
  • White Bluffs/Hanford (White Bluffs, WA)

When you sign up to this company, you can also display a selection of green badges, which will allow you to show your customers you support the environment & can boast your website is powered by 100% green renewable energy. After all, as website owners, we are also directly responsible for CO2 emissions & should be equally committed to green initiatives.

HostPapa Shared Web Hosting Review 2017

HostPapa Shared Web Hosting Review 2017HostPapa offer a range of affordable shared web hosting packages that offers all the features you will ever need in a simple way, ideal for small business or personal websites, even for anyone with little to zero web design or programming experience.

If your not sure what shared web hosting is, then it’s simply a server you share with other customers who host their websites & databases on the same server as you. This drastically cuts the cost of hosting your website, as the server resources are shared with other people, including the server running costs.

On their company website, you will find 3 shared hosting packages, starter, business & business pro. Pricing ranges from $2.95/month for the starter package, up to $12.95/month for the business pro package. These prices are currently promotional only, for your first term and will renew at the regular rate from between $5.99/month to $12.95/month, depending on which package you choose.

You can currently purchase the business plan for $2.95/month (same pricing as starter package), although this is a limited time offer and could end at any moment (please check their website for current pricing details). On this package, you can host an unlimited amount of websites & will also receive unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free domain name registration & the HostPapa website builder (Unlimited Edition).

Besides all the useful features already mentioned, you will also enjoy 200+ free apps (WordPress, Joomla etc), accelerated speed & performance (2 rockets), advanced server security, free 30 minute training session with a web professional & $225 advertising credits to spend on pay per click advertising networks such as Google, Facebook & Bing.

Other Useful HostPapa Shared Hosting Info

Hosting providers such as HostPapa will have a limit to how many people can share any one server & have other limits in place to prevent any one website causing the other websites loading issues. If not, a website on the shared server that starts using too many resources, could then harm the performance of other sites on that server.

Even though you will see unlimited bandwidth & diskspace on select packages, you must first be aware of their own specific definition of unlimited, as you must agree to their acceptable and appropriate usage policy. Just so you are fully clear with their policies, please read through all documentation on their website before you decide to purchase anything.

HostPapa VPS Web Hosting Review 2017

HostPapa VPS Web Hosting Review 2017If it’s flexibility, full server control & increased server performance your searching for, then the selection of VPS web hosting packages provided by HostPapa are ideal, with a choice of either Linux or Windows operating systems.

VPS hosting is a more affordable way to get similar features usually only offered on dedicated servers. Although you will share server hardware with other customers (which reduces the overall running costs), you have your very own container, which means no other persons website will effect your container, or the performance of your website.

On their website, you will find a selection of affordable pre-configured VPS hosting packages that include plus, pro and premium. You can select either Linux plans or Windows plans, with Linux offering cheaper pricing.

Their prices start from $9.99 for the plus package, up to $109.99 for their premium package. These prices are based on your first month only, so please view their website for current renewal rates, as they can be quite a jump from the introductory offers.

For example, if you select the pro package, it will cost $39.99 for your first month, then the renewal fee will be $79.99/month ongoing, which I’m sure you will agree, is quite a jump to almost double the initial fee. You will find this happens on many other large web hosting providers.

On pro, you will get 8 core CPU, 100GB storage, 3GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, all fully managed with cPanel & WHMCS. All VPS hosting plans are provided with virtual DVD drives, private nameservers, uptime guarantee, Hyper V Technology, 2 IP addresses, $175 marketing credits & server locations in North America.

If you are ready to remove the limitations often found on shared hosting, then VPS is the way to go. Your website will run much faster on it’s own container, which means your website visitors will be happier and keep coming back. You also have the opportunity to scale on demand, which is especially useful for websites that grow quickly in a short space of time.

HostPapa Reseller Web Hosting Review 2017

HostPapa Reseller Web Hosting Review 2017Running your own branded web hosting company can be a profitable venture that can generate recurring monthly income which continues to increase over time. Reseller web hosting is an option available to you that allows you to get setup and ready to sell in less than 10 minutes.

Reseller hosting provided by HostPapa enables you to sell green web hosting solutions & domain name registrations to your own customers. With free setup & support from their experienced team of web hosting professionals, you will be well on your way to making profit quickly, without much fuss.

On their website you will find 5 reseller web hosting packages, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and titanium. The pricing ranges from $19.95/month for the bronze package, up to $79.95/month for the titanium package. You must be aware that these prices are based on annual payments. On gold, which is like the middle of the road package for $39.95/month, you get 120GB diskspace & 1TB monthly bandwidth.

Every single feature that HostPapa offer on their existing shared web hosting packages, you can offer the same to your own clients, although you will be the one setting the pricing & features you offer on your own customized web hosting packages.

All reseller hosting packages come with cPanel for you and your clients, you can host unlimited domains from just one reseller account, there are no limitations on cPanel accounts you can create for your customers & you are provided with Client Exec or WHMCS billing software to manage payments.

Along with the features already discussed, you will also enjoy private branded nameservers, 3 IP addresses, a free domain reseller account so you can sell your clients domains for extra profit & WHM control panel to easily manage customer accounts.

You can learn more about HostPapa’s reseller web hosting services and features by viewing their library of reseller video tutorials found on their company website.

HostPapa Website Builder Review 2017

HostPapa Website Builder Review 2017Finding a reliable web hosting provider is just the start, once you have a domain and hosting sorted, then you must either build a website, or have a web designer build your website for you.

HostPapa’s professional website builder is just the ticket, which will save you a fortune. For a professional web designer to build your website, you should expect to pay at least $500 and beyond, but with a website builder, you can build your own professional looking website with all the bells and whistles, even if you have no web design experience.

You can literally build a great website for your business or even for personal use, within minutes. You can drag and drop sections of text, images or video, select from hundreds of designs with flexible layouts, add widgets for social media integration, enable eCommerce to sell your products online & then publish content you create to the web, mobile and Facebook with just one click.

All the websites you build have all the latest features which includes SEO friendly web pages so major search engines can index your content that enables your customers to find you online, as well as been optimized for mobile devices, which is a must have, especially with the rise of mobile usage & mobile search.

On their website, you will find 4 website builder web hosting packages, starter, unlimited, premium & enterprise, with the main difference been the amount of pages you are allowed to create and the amount of website templates you have access to.

Pricing for the website builder offered by HostPapa starts at FREE for the starter package with all purchases of a web hosting package, all the way up to $39.99/month for the enterprise website builder package, which would enable all features including eCommerce, advanced HTML + CSS editing for more experienced users, 220+ web templates, one click publishing to mobile & Facebook and unlimited pages.

HostPapa Email Review 2017

HostPapa Email Review 2017Email is a very important aspect of running a successful business website. You might just think, all you need is a branded email address, although with advanced communication & productivity tools offered by HostPapa, you can take your email facilities to a whole other level of awesome.

These add-ons can help you communicate seamlessly with your team & your clients, so let’s take a quick look at whats on offer here.

HostPapa Basic Email: If you buy hosting, you will get as many email boxes as you would ever need, without hosting, basic email functionality such as creating business branded emails (, ideal for small groups using desktop computers, comes in at $0.83/month per user.

HostPapa Advanced Email: You can take your email to the next level with the advanced plan from $2.00/month per user. The extra added functionality includes better mobility and security. This service is ideal for teams of people who use email more often on mobile devices such as smart phones & tablets, that require everything to be in sync.

Microsoft Office® 365: Get Microsoft Office (including Excel® & Word®) + secure business class email with affordable pricing from just $4.99/month per user. Ideal for small business owners or teams of people who require email, online storage and of course, all the features inside Microsoft Office, without ongoing expense of IT personnel, software & servers.

Google Apps for Work™: Get access to business class email & office productivity tools, but without the massive expense usually associated with such features. Also ideal for small business owners who require email, online storage, spreadsheets & documents without ongoing software or server expenses. Pricing starts from only $4.17/month per user.

HostPapa Support Review 2017

HostPapa Support Review 2017HostPapa have taken serious time and effort to create a comprehensive support structure for their clients. With hundreds of manual downloads, articles & video tutorials, along with one-on-one support from experienced staff via email, live chat or phone, you will always have access to support when you need it.

Here are several ways you can contact HostPapa Support:

  • Phone – Toll Free: 1.866.96.GATOR or Local: (905) 315-3455
  • Live Chat – Response wait time tested: 2m 41s (Excellent)
  • Online Support Ticket – Submit you own dedicated ticket online
  • Knowledgebase – Access 1554 articles & video tutorials in 72 categories
  • Social Media – Message them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+

Best HostPapa Coupon Codes 2017

Best HostPapa Coupon Codes 2017Want to save some money on your HostPapa web hosting purchase? Below is a selection of HostPapa Coupon codes for 2017, that you can enter in the coupon box before you checkout on their website.

  • HOSTPAPA15 – Enjoy 15% off all web hosting plans

If you know of any other official HostPapa Coupons, please contact us & we shall include here.

Now you know just about all there is to know about the different web hosting services, provided by this company & with a 15% discount, you can save some money too. If you decide to join this provider, please come back and let us know how you get on!

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