BlueHost Review 2017

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BlueHost Web Hosting Review 2017

BlueHost Web Hosting Review 2017BlueHost awarded #1 WordPress Host for 2017.

Welcome to our in-depth BlueHost Review for 2017. Above you will find several tabs that review all the different web hosting services provided by BlueHost, please click these to learn more about each specific service.

BlueHost was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton, a serial entrepreneur who also founded HostMonster. This provider collectively hosts more than 1.9 million domains, employs over 700 staff & is currently ranked as one of the top 20 biggest web hosting companies.

There is a range of affordable, high powered website hosting services on offer which are built on open source technology, including domain name registration, shared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated & cloud web hosting, with their headquarters based in Utah, USA.

While Matt Heaton was acting CEO from 1996 to 2011, Dan Handy took over from his position from 2011 to 2015, with the current CEO appointed by Endurance International Group been Mike Olson, a seasoned technology executive who has over 20 years experience in business development & management operations.

Endurance International Group, a company that delivers high quality web solutions to entrepreneurs, acquired this company back in 2010.

Main BlueHost Team

Mike OlsonCEO: With over 25 years experience in business with mid & large-cap companies, Mike is a seasoned technology executive. He has a deep commitment to BlueHost and is dedicated to the future development of the company. The Kellogg School of Management is where Mike received his MBA.

James GriersonCOO: His previous role was VP of Business Development, although now focuses on developing their reputation for delivering industry leading web hosting solutions. With the drive for implementing practices that directly benefit customers, he plays a vital part of the company’s future. James graduated from Brigham Young University.

Paul MosleyDirector of Marketing: Oversees PR, marketing & brand strategy. The team he leads constantly focus on developing experiences that make it easier for customers to build a solid presence on the internet. He has degrees in Economics and Political Science & graduated from Brigham Young University.

Scott SanfordSr. Director of Operations: Oversees analysis teams, staffing & project management. He supports the groups that help the company utilize their resources more efficiently, in order to support their customers in the best possible way. Scott has an MBA from Brigham Young University & graduated from University with a degree.

Ben LewisVP of Customer Service: Oversees BlueHost’s entire customer support, which includes account verification, terms of service, billing & technical support. As one of the first employees at this company, he started off his career as a support agent. He singularly helped establish their reputation for knowledgeable, helpful and friendly services.

Dave RogersDirector of Sales: Manages over 100 product specialists & sales consultants. To ensure all who engage with this company, receive expert advice, he focuses heavily on the consultative sales model. Also manages several other teams that focus on support for existing & new customers.

Have you used BlueHost in 2017? What do you think? Are you willing to share your opinion with our community? Please use the comment section below to submit your own personal BlueHost review, so our readers can benefit from your experience with this web hosting provider. We will publish all reviews, whether it’s good, bad or ugly!

BlueHost Shared Web Hosting Review 2017

BlueHost Shared Web Hosting Review 2017When running a small business website, blog or personal website, shared hosting is where it all starts. It’s affordable, reliable (when using the right web hosting provider of course!) and offers enough resources to get your website off the ground.

BlueHost offer a good selection of shared web hosting packages that will enable you to build, maintain and promote your new or existing website, on a platform that is proven and powerful.

On their website you will find 3 shared hosting packages, also known as starter, plus and business pro. The pricing ranges from $3.95/month for the starter package, up to $14.95/month for the business pro package. These prices are based on the first term only and renewal fees for the second year may be considerably higher, so always check renewal fees before purchasing.

Their most popular shared website hosting service would be the “Plus” package, which has a cost of $6.96/month (if you pay 3 years in advance). The minimum term you can signup for is 12 months, so if you select only one year, the same package would cost $8.95 (billed yearly). This means the longer you stay, the more you save, this requirement is quite popular with larger hosting providers.

The “Plus” package offers unlimited websites, un-metered website space & bandwidth, a free domain name registration for your first year, unlimited email accounts & unlimited email storage. Besides that, you will also receive $200 in advertising credits, Global CDN (content delivery network) & 1 spam expert.

Although this provider offers un-metered bandwidth, if you become a risk to other customers on the same server, then your websites CPU resources may be restricted, causing you loading issues. This would be the point when you are asked to upgrade to VPS or dedicated, depending on the amount of resources you need to cope with your current volume of traffic.

The domain manager makes it simple to purchase, track, update, administer & transfer every domain you own, from one easy to use interface. If you decide to invest in the Plus or Business Pro packages, then your domain manager supports unlimited sub domains, domain add-ons & parked domains.

Apart from the starter package, all others offer the creation & management of unlimited email accounts for your domain. Email features include account filters, forwarding rules, secure IMAP & POP3 support, compatibility with 3rd party email providers & spam protection.

Backups of your complete account are created automatically on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This enables you to quickly and easily restore all your data, in case of an emergency. If you wish to restore specific databases or files, then their optional PRO backup service is ideal.

BlueHost has resource protection in place, which involves technology that can identify excessive resource usage on their shared servers, which can temporarily assign the problem website(s) to systems that are isolated. This will constantly defend your websites performance and reduces the risks normally associated with using a shared web hosting server.

As you will be starting off on shared hosting, due to the low demand of server resources, BlueHost make it simple to upgrade to either VPS or dedicated, as and when you find the need. Their custom technology makes things simple, which is exactly what you would expect from such a professional web hosting provider.

By using their enhanced cPanel, which has additional tools & an enhanced interface, it’s much easier than the standard cPanel to manage your domains, website, files, email and everything else from one central platform.

BlueHost WordPress Web Hosting Review 2017

BlueHost WordPress Web Hosting Review 2017BlueHost awarded #1 WordPress Host for 2016.

Web hosting that is specifically optimized for WordPress offers better functionality, faster loading speed & is far more secure than standard shared hosting services.

BlueHost have a passion for WordPress & have created a selection of plans, ideal for hosting your new blog, or business website, as with this kind of Content Management System (CMS), you can develop any type of website very easily.

A unique server architecture built on VPS technology, engineered especially for this specific CMS, you have access to all you will ever need & ensures your WordPress website is simple to use, highly secure and has lightning fast page loading speeds.

On their website you will find 4 pre-configured plans including blogger, professional, business & enterprise. Prices range from $12.49/month for the blogger plan, up to $85/month for the enterprise plan, which have also been recommended by themselves, since 2005.

It’s useful to know that these prices are based on your first month only, so please check their current payment terms for renewals, as these may change from time to time. Doing this before you signup will ensure there is no surprises when it comes to your second months invoice.

The most popular package is the blogger plan at $12.49/month for the first month & then a monthly payment of $24.99/month. You also have the option of a 3, 6 or 12 month term to reduce the monthly cost, with the best pricing been available on the 12 month term for $21.99/month.

On the blogger plan, you get dual CPU (Cores), 2GB RAM, 30GB storage, 30GB backup storage, 1TB monthly bandwidth, 1 free domain name registration, cPanel, 1 dedicated IP, SiteLock Pro security, SiteLock CDN (Content Delivery Network) & can manage as many as 5 WordPress websites.

Unlike standard shared web hosting, you are guaranteed server resources. With BlueHost using KVM hypervisor, your resources are never impacted by other websites on the server, as your resources are assigned to your website exclusively.

Custom technology, enhanced cPanel, dedicated backup storage & dynamic server upgrades come as standard, offering you an easy to use WordPress hosting solution that can grow as you grow. This truly is a power house platform for WordPress and deserves our “Best For WordPress” award!

BlueHost Cloud Web Hosting Review 2017

BlueHost Cloud Web Hosting Review 2017With cloud hosting becoming more and more popular, even for small business owners, a growing number of business owners believe this type of hosting to be intimidating & complex, so BlueHost decided to reinvent it.

Standard shared hosting comes along with it’s own set of risks, although with BlueHost’s cloud hosting technology, your website files are far safer due to your data been mirrored across several devices at once, meaning if several issues occur on the hardware, other devices hold and deliver your data seamlessly, while other devices repair.

Server loading speeds across the globe can also fluctuate rapidly on shared hosting, although with VPS, low-density servers, a varnish caching layer & high-tech hardware ensure super fast page loading speeds, when hosting your website with this particular provider, no matter where in the world your visitors originate from.

According to BlueHost, their Cloud Sites load:

  • 221ms faster than their shared hosting
  • 692ms faster than Media Temple
  • 699ms faster than GoDaddy
  • 1036ms faster than 1&1

On their website, you will find 3 pre-configured cloud web hosting packages including starter, performance & business pro. Pricing ranges from $5.95/month for starter, up to $15.95/month for the business pro package. These pricing figures are based on your first month only and renew at the regular rate.

Their most popular cloud hosting package is the “Performance” plan, which costs $8.95/month. On this plan you will receive the ability to manage unlimited websites, un-metered storage, un-metered monthly bandwidth, 1 free domain registration, 4 CPU’s, 4GB RAM, $200 marketing credits, unlimited email accounts & storage, local caching, 1-click scaling of resources and 1 Spam Expert. Your renewal on month 2 will be billed at $12.99/month, as initial pricing is introductory.

All Cloud Sites, come with a resource usage and management dashboard so you can see the trends in your websites server resource usage, download speeds, global reach, uptime and performance. Any time you require more server resources, such as CPU or RAM, you have the options to quickly upgrade your plan depending on your specific needs, with the click of a button.

BlueHost VPS Web Hosting Review 2017

BlueHost VPS Web Hosting Review 2017Your search for next-generation VPS web hosting is over. Enjoy increased flexibility, control & power for your new or existing website, with BlueHost’s virtual private servers, which are built on cloud technology from the ground up.

On their website, you will find 4 pre-configured VPS web hosting packages including standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate. Pricing starts from $14.99/month for standard, up to $59.99/month for the ultimate plan.

BlueHost’s most popular package is the enhanced plan, which costs $29.99/month for the first month. Like previously mentioned, always check out the current renewal fees, as the prices stated above are for the first month only.

For example, on your second month, this plan (Enhanced) would renew at $59.99/month ongoing, unless you signup for a 12 month term, that would bring the monthly fees down by $10/month to $49.99/month, so it’s quite a significant price increase after your initial payment.

On the enhanced plan, you will receive Dual CPU (Cores) with 2.2 Ghz, 4GB RAM with 1600 Mhz & RAM ECC, 60GB storage, 2TB monthly bandwidth, 1 free domain registration, cPanel & WHM with Root & 2 dedicated IP’s, along with the standard 24/7 support & money back guarantee.

BlueHost’s VPS web hosting features:

  • Instant Provisioning – Get up and running in seconds, rather than hours or days, usually experienced with similar VPS hosting providers. Deploy your server the instant you need it.
  • Excellent Performance – Using KVM & utilizing open source technology such as OpenStack, servers are powerful and simple to use. You no longer need to be a genius to work this thing!
  • Improved cPanel – Enhanced cPanel interface make it easier to manage your VPS & WHM, along with all features found on shared hosting too. Exclusively built by BlueHost to further help members.
  • Dynamic Resources – Need more storage without professional assistance? No problem, you can dynamically increase your server storage with their server expansions in cPanel.
  • Resources Guaranteed – Have your website constantly performing at optimal levels, with your resources been guaranteed to be available due to BlueHost’s implementation of KVM hypervisor.
  • Multiple Server Management – You may find the need to add additional servers to your account. With this advanced feature, you can add more dedicated, VPS or even shared web hosting services and manage from the same account.
  • Advanced Capabilities – All VPS servers are specifically designed by BlueHost, to support the access you require, such as web based file, database & email managers, cron jobs, php.ini & .htaccess, log file access, server-side includes, & Secure Shell access (SSH).
  • Root Access – If you are an advanced user, you may require root access. Their enhanced cPanel provides full access to CentOS, for complete server control at your finger tips.
  • Access Control – If you only want to provide members of your team access to specific aspects of your account, then you can set different passwords for server admin, master passwords and more.
  • Spam Protection – Postini, which is powered by Google, isolates messages for review that are filtered out, due to been flagged for unwanted or harmful content, before it even hits your email box.
  • SiteLock – Before any website attacks or malware can cause your website any issues, this feature defends you, as SiteLock detects and fixes any threats or vulnerabilities before they cause any issues.
  • Site Backup Pro – You can recover specific databases, tables, folders and files with advanced access for increased flexibility.
  • SSL Certificates – By encrypting the internet connection between your visitors and your server, you ensure the best security, especially the submission of sensitive data or e-commerce transactions.
  • Domain Privacy – Preventing spam, phishing attacks or identity theft is made simple with BlueHost, by masking your name, address and email that’s related to your domain.
  • Additional Resources – When you need more storage, you don’t want to mess around, or experience delays when awaiting admin to boost your disk space. You can increase storage instantly yourself, without any staff required.

BlueHost Dedicated Web Hosting Review 2017

BlueHost Dedicated Web Hosting Review 2017If you reach a certain point in your business where your website becomes so popular and the page loading speed or certain website functions start to slow down for you & your website visitors/members, then it’s time to move your website over to a dedicated server.

BlueHost offer a selection of dedicated web hosting services that offer the ultimate in server control, security & performance. All servers are built in-house, using the latest open source technology, which offers you the flexibility of performance upgrades when required the most.

Over on their website you will find 3 pre-configured dedicated web hosting plans, standard, enhanced & premium. Pricing starts from $74.99/month for standard, up to $124.99/month for premium, although these prices are based on your first month only and shall renew at the regular rate.

The “Enhanced” dedicated hosting plan is their most popular at $99.99/month for the first month, which offers 4x 2.5 GHz CPU, 8GB RAM, 10TB monthly bandwidth, 1TB mirrored storage (RAID), 4 IP addresses & 1 free domain name. This plan renews at the regular rate of $199.99/month, unless you purchase a 12 month term, which would reduce the monthly charges to $169.99/month.

To ensure your data is protected at the highest level, BlueHost offer RAID storage, which means all your data is mirrored with RAID level 1 support, this is a feature usually not found on other similar dedicated web hosting solutions.

Having a reliable support team behind you when using such services is essential, to ensure everything runs smooth. BlueHost have a team of individuals who actually specialize in dedicated servers, who also work closely with the engineers maintaining your server, which makes troubleshooting quick and easy.

As with their VPS web hosting, you also enjoy additional features such as instant server provisioning, root access, seamless storage upgrades, enhanced cPanel, management of multiple servers, advanced server capabilities & server access control.

Review Of BlueHost Domain Name Services 2017

Review Of BlueHost Domain Name Services 2017No matter what package you signup for (shared, VPS, dedicated or cloud), you would usually get a free domain name registration for your first year, then you would have to pay the normal yearly renewal fees associated with the specific domain name extension you have.

The renewal fees for original top level domains such as com, net, biz, info & org are $15.99/year. If you wish to keep your personal information safe such as name, address and email, then you can opt out of the whois registry with privacy services for $11.88/year.

You also have access to register a selection of country-code top level domains from $11.99/year with renewal fees from $15.99, along with generic top level domain name registrations with the most affordable at $5.00/year for a .website domain extension, and the most costly listed on their website is the .creditcard domain extension with a registration fee of $186.99, which renews at $189.99/year.

As with any provider that offers domains, there is quite a few terms in place that you will need to accept, be aware of & abide by, before you decide on purchasing anything, as some fees can be quite expensive.

BlueHost will hold your domain as a courtesy for up to 30 days after expiration, although 30 days after expiration, this will then be placed in redemption. This involves paying a fee of $70 (cheaper than most other domain name providers), along with a $15.99 renewal fee. While in redemption, the domain cannot be registered elsewhere and is also inaccessible.

A bit of advice (If you want it): Don’t let your domain name expire, period! Always renew before the due date to ensure continued service and no interruption for your website visitors or members that you have worked hard to attain in the previous year. If not, you are at risk of losing your domain for good & your competitors will pounce on it.

Review Of Support Provided by BlueHost 2017

Review Of Support Provided by BlueHost 2017BlueHost have a wide selection of resources, if you ever need support. They even have support staff specifically trained on providing support for certain server types, such as VPS & dedicated, so you know you are getting the best level of support for your own specific type of server.

Below you will find a selection of ways you can contact this provider, depending on which platform you prefer:

  • Phone: Call support on 888-401-4678 or sales on 855-803-8155.
  • Live Support: Response wait time tested: 31 seconds (Outstanding)
  • Self-Help: A vast online library of how-to’s, guides, instructions and articles that hold answers to their clients most frequently asked questions. 99% of questions are usually answered here, so check first.
  • Online Support Desk: Submit your support ticket online, with response times between 1 to 3 hours.
  • Support Forum: Not only can you get answers from staff, but also experienced members who also use this service, who are more than willing to help you out too.
  • Social Networks: Message this company on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram. With the popularity of these platforms, it can sometimes be quicker & easier to use.

BlueHost Coupon Codes 2017:

BlueHost Coupon Codes 2017Unlike several other providers, BlueHost don’t currently have an option to enter a coupon code within their checkout process. Instead, they have decided to offer all website visitors the best available discounts on all their services automatically.

If you visit their website, you will find discounts already added across shared, VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting services. Most discounts apply to your first month or first years service, then your specific package will be billed at the regular rate for the second month or year. Free domains also renew at the regular rate.

As and when BlueHost decide to offer coupon codes (I’m sure it will happen at some point, as this would be a great marketing tool for them), we will ensure to provide you with the best, as soon as they come available directly from this provider. Come back later for coupon updates.

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