AWeber Review 2017

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AWeber Email Marketing Software Review 2017

AWeber Email Marketing Software Review 2017Welcome to our in-depth AWeber Review for 2017. Above you will find several tabs that review all the different email marketing software features provided by AWeber, please click these to learn more about each specific feature.

AWeber was founded back in 1998 by Tom Kulzer, due to the lack of tools & software at that time, that would enable a business owner to implement an effective email followup campaign.

As of January 2016, there are over 110 staff located at their offices based in Chalfont, Pennsylvania & currently deliver email marketing services, along with support, to over 120,000 customers.

Tom understood the importance of building relationships with targeted prospects and sales experts across the world all agreed, that in order to build trust and to generate sales in any business, the key to success was found in the followup sequence.

Back in the day, there was no product or service that would allow a business owner to followup automatically via email, so Tom created his own, which became the foundation in which AWeber is currently built on.

According to DMA (Direct Marketing Association) marketing via email offers an ROI of over $40 for every $1 spent, which makes this method of marketing one of the best & most cost effective ways for your business to communicate with existing or potential customers.

Besides that, it’s also an eco-friendly way of communication, compared to ordinary mail that requires transport & trees, not even mentioning the amount of time it takes to deliver your message, especially when email is delivered at the speed of light.

When you keep in regular contact with leads or customers, it gives you the opportunity to deliver ongoing value for free. This helps you build stronger, more meaningful relationships with people, which will more than likely end up generating more revenue for your business.

AWeber is the ideal solution for creating automated email marketing campaigns, or for sending broadcasts to your newsletter, that actually get delivered directly into your clients inbox, not the spam folder. I personally use AWeber and I can honestly say the service & support is truly amazing.

Have you used AWeber in 2017? What do you think? Are you willing to share your opinion with our community? Please use the comment section below to submit your own personal AWeber review, so our readers can benefit from your experience with this email marketing software provider. We will publish all reviews, whether it’s good, bad or ugly!

AWeber Email Newsletter Software Review 2017

AWeber Email Newsletter Software Review 2017If you want to cultivate your fans, then email newsletters give you the opportunity to connect with your readers on a regular basis, quickly and easily. AWeber allows you to deliver newsletters in just a few clicks.

With over 700 ready to go, free newsletter templates, many of which are designed for specific types of business categories, all you need to do is select one you like, add you own content & branding, then hit send. You can also get custom designed templates from AWeber designers.

Creating your messages is as simple as dragging, dropping and editing. You don’t need to be a code monkey or have any programming experience at all. You also have access to over 6000 images if you want to spice things up a bit.

It’s not easy to get the right messages to the right people, although with AWeber’s segmenting, you can segment your list based on people who actually open your emails, or resend to those subscribers who never opened, which can boost engagement and conversions.

Besides the above, you will also be provided with analytics for every email you send, so you know how many people opened, read and clicked on your links inside your newsletters, so you can track the success of your emails.

AWeber Email Sign Up Form Review 2017

AWeber Email Sign Up Form Review 2017When you are building your email list, you need email sign up forms on your website, in order to attract subscribers, whether you are offering a free guide, video series or other lead magnet, it all starts with the form.

AWeber offer industry leading, innovative email sign up forms, which help you get more subscribers in more places. In literally minutes, you can be collecting subscribers on your blog, website or Facebook, using attractive forms that display on any device.

You have access to hundreds of email sign up form templates which are all responsive, which means they display perfectly on all devices such as tablets, laptops & smartphones seamlessly.

What’s important is your brand, which is why you have a simple interface in which to design your forms, without coding experience, so your forms match the color scheme of your website. This means that when you embed the form on your website, it fits right in!

When building your email list, you should always test different forms & headlines, to see which gets the best response from your readers, the better response you get, the more subscribers you will attain. All you need to do is tell AWeber which forms you want to test and they will tell you which performs the best.

AWeber Autoresponder Software Review 2017

AWeber Autoresponder Software Review 2017In order to scale up your email marketing campaigns, you can use an Autoresponder to send periodic emails to your subscribers, without clicking send.

Email automation allows you to reach more people in less time. Imagine delivering a 10 part video course to new subscribers, each day you can send them the next video, which builds trust, strengthens your relationship & provides value, all on autopilot.

This means you can automatically build relationships, deliver value & send promotional messages to unlimited people on a daily basis, without even coming online.

You need to keep your subscribers engaged on a regular basis, but you only have so much time to do this manually, that’s where AWeber’s Autoresponder software comes in to play.

Inside AWeber, you can easily create an automated email followup sequence, that gets sent on a schedule you set. When someone subscribes, you automatically send a welcome email, then can send further automated emails every day, or on specific schedules, days and times you set.

The schedule options are so advanced, you can even send emails at a specific time, based on the timezone of your subscriber. So if you want to send an email at 9:00am, but Bob lives in USA & Bill lives in Germany, the software will recognize the subscribers location and send them both at 9:00am when it hits that time in the subscribers location.

According to AWeber, Autoresponders have shown to increase engagement with your subscribers. This means more email opens and clicks than your average newsletter or broadcast email. Implement an Autoresponder today and watch your subscriber engagement grow!

AWeber Tracking & Analytics Review 2017

AWeber Tracking & Analytics Review 2017In business, if you don’t monitor analytics and tracking closely, it can be the difference between campaign failure and huge success.

With AWeber’s simple to use dashboard, you can track every aspect of your email marketing campaign, allowing you to deliver the right content to the best audience.

In order to target the right audience, you can study analytics that will provide you with the required data needed to segment your email subscribers based on sales, open rates and more. You can then deliver tailored messaging to boost engagement even further.

The AWeber mobile app is also a cool tool that offers a 360-degree view of your email marketing campaigns, no matter where you are. Keeping tabs on your subscribers, upcoming broadcasts & email engagement stats can all be accessed on the simple dashboard. Available to download on the App Store & Google Play.

When all is said and done, the extensive analytics and tracking features provided by AWeber will do 2 things, firstly, it will help you drive more traffic to your website & secondly, help you make more money.

AWeber Customer Support Review 2017

AWeber Customer Support Review 2017AWeber pride themselves on providing expert customer support. In my expererience as a customer, all my support requests have been handled quickly and efficiently, by support staff clearly trained to a very high level.

Here are the many ways in which you can get help or support:

  • Phone – Toll Free: +1 877-AWeber-1 & International: +1 215-825-2196
  • Live Chat – Response wait time tested: 3m 24s (Excellent)
  • Online Contact Form – Send an email to request account specific issues
  • Knowledgebase – 100’s of searchable tutorials & FAQ’s
  • Video Tutorials – 100’s of easy to follow video training tutorials
  • Social Media – Message them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube & Instagram

Live & phone support is available Monday to Friday, 8 am – 8 pm ET & Saturday and Sunday, 9 am – 5 pm ET.

FREE Email Marketing Guide from AWeber

FREE Email Marketing Guide from AWeberSo you have heard that “the money is in the list”, but your not sure how to use email marketing for your business. Well, AWeber have got you covered.

Inside this free email marketing guide, you will discover how to build long lasting relationships with your leads and customers, which helps you build your business & take your revenue to the next level. It’s easier than you think!

Not only will you learn the basics, but this guide will walk you through the following:

  • Creating sign up forms
  • Creating email content
  • Collecting new subscribers
  • Automating your emails
  • Measuring email performance

You will soon realise in your marketing that people buy from people they know, like & trust. The best way to build that kind of trust, is by delivering value on a regular basis by email.

Click here to download the free guide & kickstart your email marketing campaign today!

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